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A face Covering must be worn if attending the Surgery.

Do you need a general practice appointment about something other than coronavirus?   
Here’s what to do: Contact us by phone: 0131 554 1036.

Telephone Triage Appointments

(Routine/General Appointments)

Each morning we operate a telephone appointment system. 
Telephone lines are open from 8.20 am. We have a set number of telephone appointments each morning. We also have a set number of telephone triage appointments that become available every day after 2.00 pm.

Our Patient Care Advisors have been instructed to “Signpost” patient requests to the most appropriate Healthcare Provider. All our staff have received extensive training and are directing your request according to a comprehensive list of appointment types and other Healthcare Providers as agreed by the Doctors and ANP.

This is not to try and deny you an appointment and is, in fact,  so that we can determine who the most appropriate Healthcare Provider to deal with your problem might be – ie: have you previously been seen by a specific doctor? Is this a new problem? Would you be able to access another Healthcare Provider quicker? Is your call actually an emergency and needs dealt with immediately?

Your name will be added to the telephone list of the mutually determined Doctor/ANP who will return your call. Your problem will either be dealt with over the telephone, by video consultation or a review appointment, at a time convenient to you, will be arranged for later that day.

We cannot give you a specific time when the Doctor/ANP will return your call. However, we can assure you that your call will be dealt with as promptly as possible in a safe, proficient, and comprehensive manner. 

Anyone with an urgent medical problem will be highlighted to the Duty Doctor in order that their problem can be dealt with without delay.

Please do not enter the practice unless you’ve been advised to. This will ensure we can continue to provide essential care safely.

Approximately 20% of doctor’s appointments could be dealt with by another healthcare professional.

All eye conditions should be seen by an optician first. They have the correct equipment for eye examinations. You can see an optician for dry, red, sore, watery, sticky, or itchy eyes, cysts, styes, or conjunctivitis.
PharmacyCoughs and colds, conjunctivitis (in children over 1year), sore throats& earache (less than 3 days), verrucas, constipation, piles, hayfever, mouth ulcers, cold sores, nappy rash, small patches of impetigo, abrasions, bruises, insect bites & sunburn, emergency contraception, thrush, head lice & pain relief.
DentistAny problem relating to your mouth or teeth.
Practice NurseCervical Screening (smear Test), travel advice & vaccination, ear syringing, wound care, chronic disease management of cardiac conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure & stroke.
Health Care AssistantPhlebotomy & blood pressure testing.
PodiatryYou can self refer – Ask reception for a form.
SmokingNHS Smoking Helpline
T: 0300 123 1044.
ReceptionFor queries about hospital outpatient appointments please contact Royal Iinfarmary 0131 536 1000, Western General Hospital 0131 537 1000.
Minor InjuriesNo appointment is necessary. Open 8 am – 9 pm (last patient book at 8.30 pm). Adults and children over 1year old. Western General Hospital – cuts, burns, sprains, simple fractures, wound infections.
Sexual HealthChalmers Sexual Health Centre 01315361070. Sexually transmitted diseases STI’S, contraception, emergency contraception, condoms, IUD (coils).
Travel ClinicSelf-referral: Travellers are welcome to phone the travel clinic on 01315372823 (WGH) to make an appointment.

Further information is also available online at www.nhsinform.