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Private Fees

Services That The Surgery Charges For

If you are eligible for NHS care then most medical care is free of charge.

Some travel and occupational health vaccinations are not available on the NHS and if this is the case you would be charged the cost of the medication and a fee for the administration of the vaccine.

Doctors are increasingly asked for medical reports for insurance applications. The normal process is for the insurance company to be billed for the time taken to complete the report.

If you need a doctor to provide a letter or a medical report for which you are personally chargeable this is the guide we use to work out the cost:



Level 1 Form – 1 page.


Level 2 Form – 2 pages.



Level 3 Form – 3 or more pages.


Level 1 Letter/Report
e.g. simple statement of fact, no professional opinion or complex past medical history sought.

Level 2 Letter/Report e.g. limited number of medical facts and professional opinion requested.

Level 3 Letter/Report
e.g. Detailed, complex medical report.

£29 per 10 minutes spent

Appointment required to underpin report.

£29 per 10 minutes spent

Full Medical examination plus report.

When we receive the written request we will assess whether it is private work that we can undertake, assess the cost bracket and inform you of the cost bracket before undertaking the work.